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My name is Jacqueline Niesten, and I’m a wine lover and a columnist for a major Dutch newspaper. The idea for Sulfree came about when I noticed that every time I had a couple of glasses of wine at my local pub, I woke up feeling very dull the next day. As if I had drunk two bottles instead of two glasses… After looking into the cause, I found the culprit: sulfites. Together with a biochemist, I developed the Sulfree formula based on winemaking techniques, and had it thoroughly tested at Meron, the wine institute.

Curious to find out whether others were experiencing the same, I decided to introduce Sulfree to the Dutch market.

It was soon apparent that I was not alone, and that people are often unaware that sulfites are the cause. I also had this explored by marketing organisations in the Netherlands and the results showed that about 5% of the population had stopped drinking wine altogether due to health complaints! There have already been so many enthusiastic responses from wine lovers who have used Sulfree!

So now I’m busy spreading the word. So more people can truly enjoy a couple of glasses of their favourite wine. Before Sulfree, I worked for almost ten years at Baarsma, a Dutch wine tradehouse (working with producers such as Hasselt Millesime, Canei, Armit, Rutishauser and Weinvorteil). My career started in food, at Unilever and Kikkoman in Japan. And in 2015 I appeared on the TV programme Masterchef Holland, where I made it through to the final five contestants.

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