Why Sulfree?

Sulfree is the ideal solution if you want to drink wine without sulfites. Because your sensitivity to sulfites means you otherwise can’t enjoy wine. Or for people who do not wish to have preservatives in their wine.

What is Sulfree?

Sulfree consists of a specially developed hydrogen peroxide formula (H202) which introduces extra oxygen into your wine. This oxygen attaches to the free sulfites and changes them into sulfates. The same levels of sulfates are found in drinking water and are not harmful. You’ll find our bottle label here; the current Best Before date of our bottles is June 2021.

Does Sulfree mean I’ll never suffer from side effects from drinking wine again?

Some people suffer from nasty side effects from drinking wine, even in small amounts. This might be caused by sensitivity to the sulfites in the wine. Sulfree helps immediately in your wine. One drop (sometimes 2) is enough to remove the free sulfites from your wine so you can enjoy wine again. Please note that the effect of the alcohol in the wine remains the same.

Has Sulfree been tested?

Sulfree has been tested by Meron, a wine institute recommended by TNO and specialised in wine research. Research shows that one drop of Sulfree removes the free sulfites from your wine. Tested on regular white wine, red wine and Spanish sparkling wine.

Does Sulfree affect the taste of wine?

Sulfree does not affect the taste of wine. There is no noticeable difference in flavour when Sulfree is used in commercial wines. Colour and intensity also remain the same.

For organic wines, or wines that have been cellared for a long time, reduce the dosage. Due to the lower level of free sulfites in these wines, a minor change in flavour may otherwise occur.

What happens if I use too much Sulfree?

A few drops too much Sulfree will mean increased oxidisation (for the chemists amongst us: oxygen attaches to the carbon chains) of the wine. This does not cause any damaging effects but can be noticeable in the taste. For wines with lower levels of free sulfites (organic wines and wines for long cellaring), it is better to reduce the dosage in order to avoid this possible effect on the flavour.

Is it safe to use Sulfree?

Sulfree uses, among others, the active ingredient food grade H202 (hydrogen peroxide), which is safe when used according to the instructions. (1 drop for dry wine and 2 drops for sweet white wine).

What is in Sulfree?

Sulfree contains a specially developed food grade hydrogen peroxide formula (H202), which transforms the free sulfites in wine.

How does Sulfree work?

A chemical reaction occurs. One drop of Sulfree changes the free sulfites in wine into safe sulfates. The same level of sulfates is found in drinking water or mineral water.

Where can I buy it?

Here on the website.

How can you tell if there are sulfites in your wine?

Sulfites are found in all wines. Some of these occur naturally, but a large proportion is added as a preservative. Since 2005, it is mandatory to indicate the presence of sulfites in wine on the label. Usually ‘Contains Sulfites’ or ‘Contains sulphur dioxide’.

How much sulfite is in wine?

The amount of sulfite differs according to the wine. You can’t see how much there is in each bottle of wine. Generally, sweet white wine contains the most sulfite. Then dry white wine. Red wines often contain slightly less sulfites, because the tannins in the wine work as a preservative.
In addition, better or older wines, such as the best Bordeaux wines, generally contain less or even no free sulfites. Over time, the free sulfites become bound, and will generally not have an adverse effect.

Why is sulfite added?

Sulfite is a preservative and is used so that wine doesn’t spoil. It protects wine from oxidisation and prevents the growth of undesired moulds and bacteria. This means wine can be stored for much longer and transported safely.

Can you buy wine without sulfites?

So it occurs naturally in every wine. Even if the winemaker has not added sulfites, they will be present in the wine. There are winemakers that add little or no sulfites, also known as Vin Naturel. These winemakers often operate organic or biodynamic vineyards. There are various Vin Natural labels that have different guidelines about how much sulfite may be added. For example, Demeter, A.V.N. or the stricter S.A.I.N.S.

Why is the bottle so big compared to the liquid?

Due to legal regulations, the label has to contain substantial text and a barcode. So the bottle needs to be larger than the contents. We decided to use 5ml per bottle to ensure Sulfree is affordable and each bottle contains an amount suitable for use before the use-by date..

What are the shipping costs?

Within the Netherlands, delivery costs EUR 1.99. Shipping to other European countries costs EUR 3.45. For orders above EUR 15, delivery is free.

When will I receive my package?

As soon as your order and payment are received, your package is passed to the shipping company. How soon the package will arrive at your doorstep, depends on the country you live in (Belgium and the UK will be roughly 3 working days, other countries depend on how far away from the Netherlands are you, and the efficiency of the postal system of your country ☺). At this moment, shipping to other countries than Belgium and the UK can take up to 1-3 weeks.

Where can I lodge comments, compliments, questions or complaints?

You can always email us at [email protected] But the best way to contact us is to respond to your order confirmation email, then we immediately have all the relevant details to hand. Webshop payments are handled through Multisafepay, but they only take care of the technical aspect of the payment and won’t know anything about your order. The same applies to shipment by the dispatching warehouse. In other words, please contact us directly with any questions.

Can I bring Sulfree on board a flight?

From a security perspective there is no problem with taking Sulfree on a plane. HOWEVER, the bottle can start to leak due to the low air pressure in the cabin and baggage hold. We advise taking the bottle in a small, sealed plastic bag to prevent leakage in your baggage. We also advise keeping the bottle upright in your bag.

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