How Sulfree works

Why are there sulfites in wine?

Almost every bottle of wine contains added sulfites. Sulfites preserve the wine during transport and storage. However, they can also cause nasty side-effects, which reduces the pleasure of drinking wine.

With one single drop of Sulfree your wine is free of active sulfites. And the delicious taste, colour and intensity are unaffected!

Sulfree contains a specially developed hydrogen peroxide formula (H2O2) which introduces extra oxygen into the wine. This oxygen attaches to the free sulfites and transforms these into safe sulfates. Now your glass of wine contains the same amount of sulfates as a glass of water.

Can I use Sulfree in all wines?

You can use Sulfree in any wine that contains sulfites: red, white, rosé, sweet whites, port and sparkling wines. If the wine contains less sulfites than normal (for example organic wines or bottles intended for long cellaring), simply reduce the dosage.

How much Sulfree should I use?

  • 1 drop in dry wines (white, red and rosé) and sparkling wines
  • 2 drops in sweet wines (white and port)
  • For champagne, bottles intended for long cellaring and organic wines, halve the dosage. They have fewer free sulfites.
  • If you are very sensitive to sulfites, you can add an extra drop per glass.

Who should use Sulfree?

Everyone who wants to enjoy their wine free of sulfites and preservatives.

If you are sensitive to sulfites, you can even experience unpleasant health consequences after just one glass. But even if you are not sulfite sensitive, Sulfree can help you wake up fresher the next morning, whether or not you suffer from a sulfite intolerance.

What is in Sulfree?

Sulfree uses the active ingredient hydrogen peroxide or H2O2, which is suitable for consumption and safe when used according to the instructions set out above. H2O2 is a naturally occurring element and forms the basis for the Sulfree formula. Sulfree was developed together with a biochemist, using ancient winemaking techniques and extensive testing.

1-year money-back guarantee

“‘Analyses show that after adding Sulfree, free sulfites are completely transformed into sulfates. A great solution for people with sulfite sensitivity!”
Meron, International Wine Institute