Bad news. I’m stopping Sulfree.

Bad news. I’m stopping Sulfree.
Not because I want to. Because I’m being forced by our government. I am no longer allowed to say that you can use Sulfree in a glass of wine. As Sulfree is especially developed for wine, I hired lawyers to fight this. But, unfortunately, you cannot win from the government.
I don’t have the money or the energy to fight anymore. That’s why, with a heavy heart, I’ve decided to close my wonderful business after 6 years. You cannot order Sulfree anymore

I’m so disappointed.

For myself. But especially for all my dear and loyal customers.
You cannot order Sulfree anymore. But if you looking for a similar product, hereby a few suggestions from other continents (where it is possible to say it): or

I want to thank you so much for your faith in Sulfree. Stay healthy.


Love, Jacqueline

Bottle in a bucket